Heather Oleari

Heather Oleari is a Private Jeweler and Goldsmith who specializes in custom designs and fine jewelry. Her pieces are captivating, unique, graceful, and luxurious. Inspired by the rich cultures that surround her as well as an extensive background in Art History, Heather incorporates exquisite stones and precious metals into wearable art that tells its own unique story.

Oleari's artistic vision in jewelry began in high school when she completed her first chasing and repousse project, a piece she still has to this day. In college, she realized that she could combine her intrigue of Science and passion for jewelry to create wearable art. She accepted an apprenticeship with a private jeweler in Denver, Colorado, and fell in love with every aspect of jewelry-making; casting, fabricating and finishing.

Hooked on jewelry-making, she went on to complete her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Metropolitan State College of Denver. In 2007, she completed graduate level courses in filigree and engraving at SACI in Florence, Italy. She extended her sabbatical in Italy to accept a Summer Studio Assistant position at Fuji Studios.

Heather Oleari returned to her native Chicagoland, and began designing custom family heirlooms for a top-tier diamond house serving Chicago and beyond. She has created a signature style that has made her a sought-after custom jeweler. She creatively collaborates with each individual client to capture a sentiment, celebrate an occasion or mark a time and place.

An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, she draws upon her interactions with the rich cultures of her travels to Africa, Italy, Australia and Mexico as well as the landscapes of the United States, to influence her designs. A believer in strong sentimental value of jewelry as heirlooms, she draws upon personal stories and precious details to make custom pieces intimate and meaningful for her clients. Heather Oleari believes that interaction between Client and Jeweler is the key to creating a piece of jewelry that will hold memories for a lifetime.